Welcome to the LeBeau Lab

What We Study

The goal of our research is to develop molecular imaging and targeted therapeutic agents for metastatic prostate cancer. We use our in-house human and camelid antibody phage display libraries to generate radioisotope-coupled antibodies for positron emission tomography (PET) nuclear imaging and radioimmunotherapy. Additionally, we are engineering chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) Natural Killer cells for adoptive cellular immunotherapy.

A Little About Our Lab

Currently, our lab’s strength comes from the small size and collaborative environment. Many of our projects are the direct result of collaborative work with other labs within and outside of the University of Minnesota. Our core research relies on DNA cloning, antibody screening and expression, cell culture, and animal work. Our specialties are small animal imaging, particularly radionuclide PET/CT and antibody phage display for creating novel antibodies. Our lab mascot is Leonardo the LeBeau Lab Llama from Lindstrom, Minnesota. Leonardo speaks Estonian, enjoys tapas and walks on the beach, and his favorite film is Titanic. 

Points of Pride

We are a tight knit community. Everyone helps each other and provides support when a lab member is presented with a challenge. We also respect work-life balance. Nothing makes a scientist more unproductive than over working and we respect the need for developing outside of the laboratory. Because of the good vibes, we are highly productive and our graduate students routinely present their scientific findings at both domestic and international conferences ranging from exotic locations such as Atlanta, Georgia to Hong Kong. Our students have won many awards including a Dept of Defense Predoctoral Award – the first such award in the history of the U.